Newtown housing Scheme Gwadar

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Newtown Housing Scheme Gwadar is the nearest residential and commercial project in Gwadar Pakistan. It is an ideal investment opportunity for national and overseas Pakistani investors who looking to invest in Gwadar real estate.

New town housing society Gwadar is in 5 phases with the following plot sizes

  • 120 square yards | 5 Marla (Residential)
  • 200 square yards | 8 Marla (Residential)
  • 500 square yards | 1 Kanal (Residential)
  • 1000 square yards | 2 Kanal (Residential)
  • 200 square yards | 8 Marla (Commercial)
  • 222 square yards | 9 Marla (Commercial High Rise)
  • 400 square yards | 16 Marla (Commercial)
  • 444 square yards | 18 Marla (Commercial High Rise)
  • 1000 square yards | 2 Kanal (Commercial)

The first phase of the project is ready for possession, and all the essential infrastructure, such as roads, street lights, and electricity, has been developed. Moreover, the project also features a couple of mosques, community centres, playgrounds, schools, colleges and shopping centres which provide a perfect living experience for the residents.

In the second phase, there are 500 and 1000 square yards of residential plots and 120 and 200 square yards of commercial plots available for investment. There is also a commercial zone in the project that includes 111, 222, 333, 444, 666, and 1000 square yards of commercial plots. The project’s planning is beautifully designed, making it an attractive investment opportunity for investors.

The project also includes marine drive high-rise plots that offer sea and marine drive facing. In addition, there are beach resorts, water sports, beach treks, and a beach library available for the residents to enjoy.

Furthermore, the project includes the DC office, army house, S&GAD Quetta, governor house and Jinnah Avenue Gwadar, which is located in the centre of the project. Additionally, the project features Pakistan’s largest 2 km monument, scenic parks, and a golden sand beach on the west bay.

One of the significant advantages of investing in the Newtown Housing Scheme is its high level of security. Pakistan army provides security to the project, making it a safe investment opportunity. The project’s location is also strategic, making it an excellent investment for overseas Pakistani investors.

In conclusion, Newtown Housing Scheme in Gwadar is a unique residential and commercial project that provides an excellent investment opportunity for overseas Pakistani investors looking to invest in Gwadar property. The project’s location, infrastructure, and amenities make it a perfect living experience for residents and a profitable investment for investors.

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Newtown housing scheme gwadar information
Newtown housing scheme gwadar

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The Newtown housing scheme Gwadar is a project initiated by Govt of Balochistan.  It’s one of the initial projects launched in 1986. This project was designed for the locals of Gwadar in favour of Gwadar port. The government of Pakistan wished to accommodate the local population from an old residential area to a modern living style thus govt-issued plots are given to locals.

The govt started construction on Gwadar port for which they established #GPA Gwadar port authority. The new town housing scheme in Gwadar has perfect map planning with wide roads and different avenues. The map is properly authorised by the #GDA Gwadar development authority and govt of Balochistan. The latest development updates are available on our youtube channel.

The Newtown housing scheme Gwadar is situated in the heart of the main city. The new development of the city has just begun with the development of the Newtown housing project Gwadar and Gwadar international airport. The new airport in Gwadar is expected to start functioning in the mid of 2023. Email us at or WhatsApp at +923003131808 and get plots in Gwadar at very reasonable prices.

The location of the society is in a significant area of Gwadar. Almost, more than 30% of the scheme is populated and people from all over Pakistan live here with great peace of mind.

Furthermore, The construction is in progress and all basic facilities are available i.e. roads, electricity, drinking water and fibre optics telephone lines along with fast DSL internet. New town housing society Gwadar is a hot choice for investors in Pakistan.

Prices of properties in Gwadar are going very high because the CPEC projects are getting fast day by day.